Monday, July 29, 2013

Food rut

I love summer, but I can't stand cooking in this heat.

It makes me feel fat. 

Like these.

As we speak, I've managed to finish making beef spare ribs in the crockpot..

Yay!  No oven.. and some brownies for the kids for camp tomorrow.. Yay! A mix!

The thought of making a side dish is already exhausting me. Raw carrots, anyone? With ranch dip?

ugh.. can't we just have fruit for dinner?  I mean grapes, that is? Forget it.. I mean wine.. let's just have wine for dinner.

I shamelessly borrowed that from facebook. I'm not that clever in real life.

For the billionth time, I am praying to God for a personal chef who would cook me healthy meals every day and portion them out on my plate and slap my hand if I tried to reach for more.
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