Wednesday, November 05, 2014



Ten years ago, a little girl was born.  She was named Breanna. 

I think of her all the time because my son has her heart. 

Today, I make a point of remembering her here - to share the memory of the gift she gave us.  It helps remind me, and those of us who love my son, Jordan, just what a difference one person can make.  She was born today, ten years ago.  Though she only lived for two months, she blessed us all in her short time here on Earth.

As I think about how much my son has changed and grown in ten years, I can't help but wonder what Breanna would have been like.  Would she be a fashionista, like my Mina?  Would she have insisted on dressing herself and brushing her own hair?  Would she have sung along to Taylor Swift or Katy Perry?  Would she be laughing with her friends and giggling during sleep overs?    Rolling her eyes at her older brother or storming off to her room when she was upset?  I imagine her mother must have thought these things a million times over.  She must also have wondered what kind of big sister Breanna would have made to her younger siblings. 

I'm so sorry she won't ever know that joy.  My heart hurts when I think about how she was taken.

I do know she won't ever be forgotten - ever.  When I look at my son, I see ten years of miracles, wrapped up in a big, loud personality.  Somewhere in his laughs and jumps and flips, there is the spirit of a very special little girl.  I hope, as he soars in the air on the trampoline, or flips over on the rings, her spirit laughs a little bit too. 

He has her heart, and her joy.

When I see my son, Jordan, I see Breanna's gift.  When I see how blessed our family is, I think back and wonder how different our lives would have been had Breanna not been born.  Her butterfly effect rippled across so many lives. 


For her, and her mother - Nikki, I am forever grateful.  Prayers for you, getting through today.

Happy Birthday Breanna, rest in peace.

Breanna Maree Loomis
November 5, 2004 - January 25, 2005
Heart Angel January 26, 2005
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