Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Theo, 18 months.


For future reference:

At 18 months -
He says: mama, dada, papa, moon, key (which refers to the object, to Mickey Mouse and to cookies), car (also the object but the last syllable of Oscar's name), bird, ga, up, da, baba, juice, broom, gigi (binkie), boo (his bear cuddly), socks, shoe, Minnie, boom, vac (vacuum), baa (sheep).

He walks up the stairs, walks down with help, tries to put on socks, climbs onto furniture, scoots off, pushes himself on cars, kicks a ball, high fives, gives fist bumps ("boom!"), points, waves, does some self feeding, starting to use crayon and markers, will put things into the sink, helps unload silverware from the washer, feeds Oscar treats.

He likes;
Mickey Mouse clubhouse (especially Pete,) being read to, cookies, giving fist bumps, broccoli, asparagus, dessert, chocolate chips, dried cranberries, cheerios, black beans, chick peas, goldfish crackers, all the Leslie Petricelli board books, wagon rides, baby gym, kindermusic, playing with the shopkins in Jordan and Mina's rooms, sitting on the potty but not actually doing anything, and only if I sit on the toilet next to him (I know.. I know.. if he wasn't the third kid, I'd be worried too, but at this point, I am totally laid back mom now.) bath time, the beach, the ocean.

Not a big fan:
diaper changes, bed time, being by himself, entertaining himself, being without another human being right next to him at ALL times.  He is a wee bit clingy.  Thank goodness he is cute.

First haircut.

Random cuteness.

Sweeping, then steam vacuuming (kid loves watching me clean.)

Sneaking into Jordan's room after drop off so he can play with his stuff.

Botanical Gardens, Bermuda.

Oscar knows who has the goldfish crackers.
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